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Allbrands.markets adheres to a new concept: to discover companies based on their most vital component, their brands.
A brand's notoriety is the happy consequence of exemplary management: better products and better services for satisfied clients.
This generates financial performances that naturally contribute to upward trends on the stock market.
A brand is therefore a crucial indicator of a company's performance.

Latest movements of listed brands

Gate One

Week 50

Vivendi acquires Gate One

Magic Yachts

Week 50

CATANA GRP acquires Magic Yachts

MET Studio

Week 50

Chargeurs acquires MET Studio

Data Liberation

Week 50

IPSOS acquires Data Liberation

Boston Limited

Week 50

2CRSI acquires Boston Limited

Diplomat Pharmacy

Week 50

UnitedHealth Group acquires Diplomat Pharmacy

Nord Pool

Week 50

Euronext acquires Nord Pool

451 Research

Week 50

S&P GLOBAL INC. acquires 451 Research

BFY Brands

Week 49

PEPSICO acquires BFY Brands


Week 49

STMicroelectronics acquires NORSTEL

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