WARNER MUSIC IPO : the 3 music majors on the stock market !

WARNER MUSIC IPO : the 3 music majors on the stock market !

In a global market that has been growing in a U-shaped fashion for the last twenty years, WARNER MUSIC has joined SONY MUSIC with 20% of PDM still behind UNIVERSAL MUSIC with 30%.  

The global market for recorded music had been steadily declining since 2001, dropping from $22.9 billion to $14 billion by 2014. But the majors pulled out all the stops, working intelligently with the rights management companies and streaming platforms, still claiming between them 70% of the world market (recorded music + publishing) which after 5 years of continuous growth has just passed the $20 billion mark in 2019.

Obviously the first reason for this revival is the music streaming market which today accounts for 56% of the total market, still growing by 23% in 2019. Especially where the business model is interesting is that 42% of streaming comes from subscriptions and is therefore to a large extent reccurent.

In this context where the majors have entered into partnerships with streaming platforms, it is also very important for them, and especially for WARNER created in 1958, to cultivate their historical image as mythical labels and artists, both with the public and with new artists. And the successful $1.9 billion fund-raising thanks to the IPO at the beginning of June will allow the American major to communicate on its emblematic labels Atlantic, Elektra, Warner records, East West and Parlophone and on its publishing house, which is no less Warner Chappell Music.

In terms of the artists in its recording and publishing catalogue, WARNER MUSIC owns the rights to recent or past albums by iconic artists: Madonna, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Coldplay, Duran Duran, Eric Clapton, Gorillaz, Missy Elliott, Sinatra, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Talking Heads, the Doors, the Eagles, the Ramones, the Pretenders and Prince!


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