ZOOM goes from a start-up to a player in the consumer market

ZOOM goes from a start-up to a player in the consumer market

Global confinement has enabled the video conferencing platform to gain nearly 200% in the stock market over the past year, with analysts remaining positive on the average recommendation ("Accumulate").  

Created in 2011 by the engineer Eric YUAN, Zoom is asserting itself as market leader ahead of Google Hangouts, Skype, Teams and other Jitsi and Webex, with a turnover growth of +88%!

Often in niche markets, the difference is in the details. In this case, ZOOM makes it possible to confer to 100 people and for 40 minutes, free of charge. The Silicon Valley platform also had the good idea to remove the 40-minute limit for teachers from about 20 countries for one month in the spring and thus made the news...

Ergonomics and design are also differentiating ... by their simplicity. It is possible to hide the room you are in by using the background option Library or Tropical Landscape.

Another success, Zoom has converted many VSEs whose employees have used the application for social events or private purposes, extending its activity to a true second world market.

Listed on the Nasdaq in New York, the ZOOM VIDEO COMMUNICATIONS share gained 97% over one year at the close of yesterday's session on July 9. The analysts' consensus is still to "ACCUMULATE". Finally, ZOOM's Web notoriety has also increased considerably over the last 5 years.


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