Google continues to diversify as a leader in its core business

Google continues to diversify as a leader in its core business

The giant of Moutain View is in the process of buying out Fitbit. 

At a time when Mozilla is no longer able to do it with Firefox and is about to lay off 250 people, Google Chrome is increasingly asserting itself as the world's leading browser with a two-thirds market share (65.5% according to StatCounter June 2020).

With its search engine, Google is even more dominant with 94% market share in Europe and Oceania, 89% in North America, 97% in South America and Africa and 91% in Asia (StatCounter July 2020). The only exceptions: Russia where the local engine Yandex is at 40% of pdm and Google at 58% and especially China where the American is at almost 4% of pdm compared to the local Baidu (70%) and Sogou (17%) well helped by their government ... (still according to StatCounter July 2020).

But Alphabet, Google's parent company, is also succeeding in its diversification with, for example, the ongoing acquisition of Fitbit, the leader in connected watches dedicated to physical activity and health, in the midst of the launch of the new Fitbit Sense "a connected watch that helps you to reduce stress and follow your heart. The transaction would amount to $2.1 billions.

As a reminder, Alphabet is also home automation with Nest Labs, artificial intelligence with Google X), investment in startups with GV, autonomous cars with Waymo, biotech with Calico, streaming with YouTube or fiber with Google Fiber.

Alphabet Inc. is listed in New-York. The share has gained +39% since 1 year and +162% since 5 years. The analysts' recommendation on is still to BUY.


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