iOS 14 : the new iPhone operating system is available since September 2020

iOS 14 : the new iPhone operating system is available since September 2020

What are the new features of the phone, which has sold nearly 1 billion units since 2007 ?

Apple's mobile operating system is of paramount importance to the Apple brand. Even if sales and results are increasingly focused on services (Apple TV+ and Apple Music) and wearables (AirPods, Apple Watch etc.), it is indeed the iPhone's notoriety and its functionalities via iOS that has carried all Apple since 2007.

Among the really interesting new features are the improvement of the Siri voice assistant whose number of sources has been increased, the appearance of the application for translating voice messages into 11 languages (Translate), the improvement of CarKey which locks real car keys, and Appl Clips which allows an application to be used without having to install it the first time.

The Web notoriety of iOS 14 (the number of Google queries worldwide) has been skyrocketing since the end of June when Apple presented its new operating system to IT developers. And it was in the summer that Apple's capitalization had reached 2 trillion dollars to be still today the world's first.

iOS 14 and iPhone are trademarks of APPLE INC, a company listed on the Nasdaq in New York. The share price gained +104% over 1 year at the close of September 16 and +285% over 5 years. But when other technology stocks such as Tesla or Amazon are up respectively +742% and +485% over 5 years, we can think that Apple still has potential. Besides, the mean consensus of the analysts (on is OUTPERFORM...


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