News from a media major

News from a media major

Super Bowl, Paramount + : News from VIACOMCBS, the $ 38 billion media group.

VIACOMCBS is one of the major American media with DISNEY, TIME WARNER AT&T, COMCAST, NEWSCORP and BERTELSMANN, which together represent 90% of the market.

These six firms exemplify the phenomenon of corporate concentration in all sectors of the globalized economy of the 21st century. In the media industry, we are talking about convergence between content and containing pipes, that is to say between productions of films, information, etc. and telephony and internet on the other hand.

The American cinema majors, for example, are owned by these mastodons : 20th Century Fox and Walt Disney by DISNEY, Warner Bros. by AT&T, Universal Pictures by COMCAST and Paramount Pictures by VIACOMCBS. Columbia Pictures is owned by the SONY group of companies which are not classified in the Media and Communication Services segment.

A symbol of the power of the VIACOMCBS group are its offices. If those of VIACOM are in Los Angeles, the world capital of cinema, those of CBS consist of an entire tower on 52nd Street in New York.

2021 is shaping up to be a great year for the major media, whose share price and therefore market capitalization have increased 64% since January 1. Two events explain this trend : Super Bowl 2021 revenues of which CBS was a broadcaster amounted to $ 545 million, up 22% compared to 2020. The group will also launch this spring its SVOD platform, a “Super version” of CBS All Access which, in addition to the already well-stocked Paramount Pictures catalog, will offer new original works such as its competitors NETFLIX, APPLE TV+, DISNEY+ and AMAZON PRIME VIDEO.

To optimize its launch in a very competitive environment, Paramount + spent $ 30 million on advertising spots with 100 million American viewers during the Super Bowl, paid to CBS therefore… This is the advantage of being a powerful media group. The money stays with the family.


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