Golf, a booming market driven by the United States and women

Professional golf in the world's largest economy is definitely supplanting tennis. The world top 20 has 10 American players (including the No. 1), against only 1 in tennis. The number of licensees and ratings are growing strongly, in the USA and elsewhere. What are the leading brands and in which companies should you invest?

The American Tiger Woods had revolutionized golf at the end of the 90s, with his talent, his Afro-Asian origins and his muscular physique. Golf is the number one individual sport in the world today, played by 90 million people in 200 countries. 67 million of them will be made redundant in 2021, with an increase of 1 million per year since 2015. While women are still a very small minority, the number of female players is growing every year (+12% between 2019 and 2021, to 6 ,2 millions).

Manufacturers of clubs, balls, clothing and other connected equipment and instruments for measuring distances and trajectories would share a market of 7 billion dollars in 2022. This is a relatively concentrated market, with a dozen players . The leading companies are CALLAWAY GOLF COMPANY, NIKE, INC., ACUSHNET HOLDINGS, BRIDGESTONE CORPORATION, SUMITOMO RUBBER INDUSTRIES, LTD., MIZUNO CORPORATION, PUMA SE, EATON CORPORATION, HONMA GOLF LIMITED, UNDER ARMOR, INC., ANTA SPORTS PRODUCTS LIMITED and VISTA OUTDOOR.

For the past 5 years (to July 2022 inclusive), the 5 brands experiencing the best Internet search growth are respectively* TOPTRACER (CALLAWAY GOLF COMPANY), FOOTJOY (ACUSHNET HOLDINGS), GOLF PRIDE (EATON CORPORATION PLC), PUMA GOLF (PUMA SE ) and WILSON STAFF (ANTA SPORTS PRODUCTS LIMITED). (*Source Google Trends &

Finally, the next Ryder Cup (in September 2023), a competition which sees the 12 best American and European golfers compete every two years, should generate a cumulative audience over 3 days of nearly one billion viewers...