McDonald's, the world leader in catering and digital marketing

Behind the new customer services lies a formidable ability to increase and optimize the customer database.

Unsurprisingly, the American brand created in 1955, which was very strong in marketing, is just as strong in digital marketing.
If McDonald's has created order terminals in its 38,000 restaurants, it is to save time for its customers, to save personnel costs, but above all to have customer data.
Indeed if you have an account, you benefit from the good old loyalty program which allows you to earn free menus. You also have access to the application which, among other things, allows you to be delivered by brand partners such as Just Eat.
Where McDonald's is very strong is in the quantitative and qualitative optimization of its customer data, which has become the sinews of war in digital marketing. It must be said that the potential is enormous since the fast food brand sells its meals to 68 million customers every day.
In any case, the number of Google queries for the brand worldwide, which we call McDonald's Web Notoriety, has been growing rapidly over the past 5 years. And unsurprisingly the Financial Analysts Recommendation on McDonald's stock is clearly BUY.
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