The OCULUS VR headset will position FACEBOOK as a leader in virtual reality

Via Horizon Workrooms, Facebook Reality Labs is launching 100% into augmented reality, for professionals (Workrooms) and soon for individuals (Horizon).

Mark Zuckerberg, David Baszuck, Satya Nadela ... The kings of tech have just one word on their lips: the "metaverse". This is the definition of the fusion of the virtual world and the physical world, or the new embodied Internet that every human could be a part of very soon.

Workrooms is therefore a collaborative work tool in virtual reality. The meeting initiator launches the meeting using their Oculus VR Quest 2 headset. Other participants can join the workroom with or without the 3D headset, by connecting to a basic video conference.

Users without a headset see the meeting room in 3D on their computer. Those with headphones are provided with a bespoke avatar, all sit together and chat via voice chat or jot down ideas on a large flipchart with the Oculus joystick.

The Workrooms service is accessible with Oculus Quest 2, the latest version of the headset launched in October 2020 with a better screen resolution, lighter, cheaper and with a more powerful processor. Facebook does not release sales figures 5 million copies have reportedly been sold.

A small number of people are testing Horizon, the home version that will allow them to play, visit, explore the world or even create! We remember Minority Report, Spielberg's film. Facebook Reality Labs wants to be the first to switch from fiction to… virtual reality.

It's a coincidence, but Facebook has just launched a business loan offer in one of its biggest global markets: India. If Facebook says it does not want to make money with its loans, it does not hide wanting to encourage new business users to use its advertising services (targeted if any) as well as WORKROOMS ...

India, the second most connected country in the world, has 400 million Facebook users and 500 million Whatsapp users. Facebook has already invested nearly $ 6 billion in Indian operator Jio.

The other GAFAs are also focused on India: Google will invest 10 billion over the next 6 years and Amazon has just invested in an Indian wealth management start-up.