The strengths of the video streaming challenger

Paramount, one of the seven historic majors of cinema, intends to compete with the leaders Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video, with a rich catalog of films that do not age like The Godfather ...

What remains of the seven majors created in the 1910s and 1920s? MGM, Universal, Warner Bros., Disney, 20th Century, Columbia, Paramount... They still exist! They are all part of listed groups with the exception of MGM (and there is still talk of its very imminent takeover by Amazon). And groups that have embarked on video streaming.

Indeed the SVOD market would be worth 100 billion dollars in 2025. So for Comcast (Universal) it is Peacock. AT&T (Warner Bros.) has HBO Max. The Walt Disney Company (Disney and 20th Century) has Disney +, Hulu and Espn +. For Sony (Columbia) it's Bravia Core. And finally for Viacomcbs (Paramount) it's Paramount +.

In March 2021, only Disney + (well helped by Hulu and Espn +) managed to match the two leaders in video streaming. Those who are coming from digital. With 150 million subscribers Disney+ tied with Prime Video and behind Netflix which has 205 million.

Launched on March 4 in the United States, Paramount + is targeting 70 million subscribers within 3 years. It holds a catalog of 30,000 series episodes and 2,500 films including the famous The Godfather. A classic filmmaker (Oscar winner for Episode 1 and Episode 2), The Godfather is one of those kinds of films that can allow video streaming challengers from major studios to catch up on Netflix.

Indeed, this saga of the 1970s sticks to the return of individualism and ambient minorities in the West where we no longer trust the state and where the love of the nation has been overwhelmed by the large world market. If Amazon (Prime Video) is so keen on buying MGM, it is certainly to get its hands on this kind of film like Rocky ...