Diagnostic on the brands of the 6 companies worth at least $ 1,000 billion as of October 30, 2021

Our Top Brands for the first quarter included 16 brands from ALPHABET INC, AMAZON.COM INC, APPLE INC, FACEBOOK INC, MICROSOFT CORP and TESLA INC.

Reminder of the Top 300 brands process: we rank the brands that have had the strongest growth in popularity on the web for 5 years.

Nine months after its release on February 18, all of the companies in our Top Q1 brands outperformed the S&P 500, at + 41% over 1 year as at October 30, compared to + 39% for the US index.

In this ranking we list the following brands: Google Pay, AppSheet and Google Trends for ALPHABET INC, Prime Video, Twitch, Amazon Music and Amazon for AMAZON.COM INC, Apple Watch, AirPods, Dryft and Apple Pencil for APPLE INC, Instagram and WhatsApp for META PLATFORMS (formely FACEBOOK INC), Flipgrid and GitHub for MICROSOFT CORP and Tesla for TESLA INC.

Admittedly, the main brand of these 6 giants enjoys a very strong Absolute notoriety. But it is interesting to note that what we could call the GAFAMT ... also have other successful brands in terms of Notoriety growth.

You can access our Top brands for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarter here. That of the 4th quarter will be online on November 15, with good investment ideas at the best time ...