Impact of web notoriety on the stock price

FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE, HEY DUDE SHOES, ROUGE HERMES: 3 examples of growing web notoriety that generate stock market outperformance.

In our last Top of February 15, 2022, the Hey Dude Shoes brand (Footwear and accessories sector) ranks 19th in the best web notoriety growth for 5 years and its listed company CROCS, INC. rose on the stock market by more than 1,100% over the same period to the close of March 17, 2022.
MarketPlace Facebook (Internet content and information sector) ranks 65th when its listed company META PLATFORMS rises on the stock market by 50% with an analyst recommendation more than ever on BUY.
The Rouge Hermès brand (Luxury Products sector) is a newcomer to the ranking, its listed company HERMES INTERNATIONAL gaining +182% on the stock market for 5 years.
These are examples among many others since the entire stock market portfolio relating to the 300 brands has gained +256% for 5 years at the close of March 17!
You can check other performances of previous Tops before downloading the latest Top and choose your investments from 60 sectors of activity. The 3 sectors that dominate the Top are Software application (22 brands), Internet content and information (19 brands) and Biotechnology (19 brands).
The 3 companies with the most brands are EMBRACER GROUP AB (6 brands), EQT AB (5 brands) and Tencent Holdings (4 brands).
The 3 countries of origin of the brands that dominate the Top are the United States (115 brands), France (48 brands) and Canada (29 brands).
Finally, the average age of Top Notoriety brands is 23 years old, 67% of brands are over 10 years old and 10 brands are 100 years old or over.