Top 15 Most Valued Beer Brands

Combining the end of lockdown and brand awareness, the best beer brands are likely to push up the share price of their owner companies.

In 2021, BrandFinance calculated the 50 best valuations of global beer brands. Number 1: Corona. Number 2: Heineken. Number 3: Budweiser. Number 4: Victoria. Number 5: Bud Light. Number 6: Snow. Number 7: Modelo. Number 8: Kirin. Number 9: Miller Lite. Number 10: Asahi. Number 11: Skol. Number 12: Harbin. Number 13: Guinness. Number 14: Coors Light and number 15 Carlsberg.
The United States and Mexico are the two best countries by brand value, with around 20% each of the ranking. A group of 3 countries follows at around 9% each: China, Japan and the Netherlands.
Very interesting finding: the average buy recommendation from analysts should be ACCUMULATED (a score of 4 out of 5).
Of the 15 brands mentioned, here are those whose web notoriety has increased the most over the last 5 years: the Mexican Corona created in 1925 (see the graph), the Dutch Heineken created in 1873 (see the graph) and the Japanese Asahi created in 1889 (see graph).
Over this same period, the share price of their owner companies has also increased significantly despite the Covid-19 crisis! + 44% for Constellation Brands, + 27% for Heineken N.V. and + 47% for Asahi Group over 5 years as of Friday, June 18, 2021.