New Top 300 web notoriety for the 4th quarter of 2021

Confirmation of the impact of brand notoriety on the stock market performance of their listed companies

Since 2021, has been selecting each quarter the 300 brands that have been increasingly requested on the Web around the world for 5 years thanks to Google Trends: finding on the Top of the 1st quarter, and discovery of the Top of the 4th quarter.

The portfolio of listed companies of the 300 brands put online in mid-February 2021 obtained the following stock market performance: + 22% over 1 year at 11/30/2021 (compared to + 19% for the Stoxx Europe 600).

In the age of mobile internet and social networks, of attachment to brand values ​​and hyper globalization, brand awareness on the web is the result of exemplary managerial management optimizing quality product and customer satisfaction. They in turn generate financial and therefore stock market performance. The web awareness index corresponds to the evolution of searches for a brand on Google over the past 5 years by Internet users around the world. provides a multicriteria Excel file by brand, age and country of origin, listed company (and Isin code), sector of activity and analyst recommendation.

The 3 best brands are respectively the Indian brand JIOSAAVN and the American brands WAYSTAR and DOORDASH.

The 5 companies with the most brands in the top of the quarter are L’OREAL (6 brands), EQT AB, LVMH, PERNOD-RICARD and UNILEVER PLC (4 brands).

The 3 business sectors with the most brands are Household and Personal Products (17 brands), Software application (16 brands) and Internet retail (15 brands).

The 3 countries of origin of the brands that dominate the Top T3 are the United States with 38%, France (16%) and the United Kingdom (6%).

The average age of the Top Notoriety brands this quarter is 26 years old. 72% of brands are 10 years and older and 15 brands are over 100 years old.

Finally, regarding the Analyst Recommendations of a listed company ranging from 5 (Buy) to 1 (Sell) on the stock market, the portfolio average stands at 4.33 / 5.

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