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Mission Statement adheres to a new concept:
To discover companies based on their most vital component, their brands.
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    A brand's notoriety is the happy consequence of exemplary management: better products and better services for satisfied clients.
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    This generates financial performances that naturally contribute to upward trends on the stock market.
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    A brand is therefore a crucial indicator of a company's performance.

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Stock exchanges are all progressing strongly over the past 5 years (2014-2018) :

Paris stock exchange : +10,12%
Standard and Poor's 500 New York stock exchange : +35,63%
New York Nasdaq stock exchange : +76,22%
Nikkei Tokyo stock exchange : +22,86%

In addition to these substantial gains, companies paid out dividends to their shareholders!

Check these by accessing individual brand details on (Be sure to look at the payment date, since you will receive your dividend at the pro-rata carrying value).

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