The Christian Dior brand in the Top 50 web notoriety

Some brands are notorious, but the strongest are those whose notoriety is still growing even though they have been around for decades.

The French brand CD was created in 1947 and is therefore celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. If the brand is known worldwide, its web notoriety of the last 5 years (interest of Internet users around the world for the brand on Google) continues to benefit from magnificent growth!
The notoriety of Christian Dior is the result of exemplary managerial management optimizing product quality and customer satisfaction, which in turn generate financial and therefore stock market performance.
Therefore, the concept of is to measure and classify the Web Notoriety of the brands of listed companies, then to check the Recommendation of the financial analysts on the company which owns the brand.
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Please note that past performance is not indicative of future performance. Beware of the risk of losing all or part of your invested capital.